It’s the 80s and you’re at your local video store. Hmmm maybe a blockbuster, remember what they were?

With so many movies to choose from, how to do you pick just one.

Should you pick Footloose, Dirty Dancing, Top Gun…. You just can’t choose so….

Well we have the problem solved! We’ve combined the best songs from your favourite videos, that’s right VIDEOS and pulled together 9 musicians and dancers to perform them live for you!

There’s only one choice you need to make, will you sit back and watch the show, or will we see you on the dance floor?

90 min VHS show (direct from the Fringe) will be followed by Fizzy Pop performing live.

Join us in Sharky’s for a massive night. Get your friends together, but most importantly, get your tickets before they are all gone..

Doors open 8.30pm!